Expert witnesses

We will be inviting ‘expert witnesses’ to each theme meeting to offer their insights and contributions to the Commission. Here are some of the people who have taken part so far:

1 – ‘Vision’ Theme Meeting, 20 February, 2018

  • Jose Reis, Research Consultant at Metro Dynamics: Explained to the Commission how to measure inclusive growth.
  • Dario Kenner, Lead Analyst of Sustainable Economic Development at CAFOD: Explained CAFOD’s work on inclusive growth so far and offered a different perspective on the definition of inclusive growth.

2 – ‘Place’ Theme Meeting, 16 March, 2018

  • Katy Lock, Project & Policy Manager at the TCPA: Katy is the current lead of the ‘Garden Cities’ and ‘New Towns Project’ at the TCPA.
  • Christopher Ian Smith, Producer/Director of New Town Utopia film: Chris spoke about his own personal experiences in Basildon as a teenager and explained why he wanted to make the film – he noticed a change and wanted to find out why.

3 – ‘Economy’ Theme Meeting, 12 April, 2018

  • Patrick White, Chairman of ‘Pathways to Success Panel’: To discuss the remit and emerging findings of the ‘Pathways to Success Panel’ which was established by the Council to review the effectiveness of the pathways available to young people in order to access opportunities.
  • Gunilla Edwards, Economic Development Team Manager at Basildon Council: To discuss economic growth in the borough both current and forecasted, business barriers to growth and future opportunities/challenges.
  • David Barnes, Chairman of Basildon Business Group: To discuss the benefits of the borough for businesses, issues and challenges and the role of businesses in shaping the borough and contributing to inclusive growth.
  • Russell Bloomfield, Relationship Director at Barclays Corporate Banking: To discuss his experience as a senior Barclays Business Manager in the South Essex area, his role in relationship management to local SME’s in the borough, and some of the opportunities/challenges reported by his clients.
  • Steve Miles, Engineer Manager at Ford: To discuss the role of Ford in the Basildon Borough as a significant business/employer, the benefits of the borough, issues and challenges and the role of large businesses in shaping the borough and contributing to inclusive growth.

4 – ‘People’ Theme Meeting, 13 June, 2018

  • To be updated

5 – ‘Politics’ Theme Meeting, 11 July, 2018

  • To be updated

6 – ‘Bridging the Gap’ Theme Meeting, TBC

  • To be updated